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Cheque Maker from Citisoftech enables to prepare and print cheques...

Cheque Maker from Citisoftech enables to prepare and print cheques for your bank account. Cheque preparation made easy with Cheque Maker. This tool enables you to print your cheque with your existing inkjet/laser printers.

This is the fastest way to prepare a cheque. You can get rid of the corrections that you may make to your cheque at the time of writing it with hand.

This tool also stores the information of the cheques that are issued by you at any point and also provides you a report whenever required. So you can get rid of the cheque history that you maintain in the cheque book counterfoil.

This software supports customizing of the cheque layouts. You can customize the cheque layout using layout setup option available in the software.

Also you can create payee nick names which will allow you to select the nick name instead of typing the name every time. This feature saves lot of time and errors on the cheque.

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ChequeMaker V1.0

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